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Leadership and Change in the Digital World


Anyone who encounters the digital transformation with technology often forgets to influence the new mindset in the company. This workshop offers methods to actively shape cultural change.


An executive position and leadership experience are required. Upon registration, you will be contacted for consultation regarding seminar goals, position and previous knowledge.

No special content requirements. Participants take on a position in the company in which they can / should / must actively drive the change.


This workshop is directed at executives in companies who play a responsible role in the transformation of digitisation. This workshop will help you to complete the task actively and strategically. Specifically addressed are: SME leaders, marketing and communications professionals, business development staff, IT leaders and CIOs.

Datum 08.06.20
Kursort Digicomp Lausanne
Avenue de la Gare 50
1003 Lausanne
+41 21 321 65 00
Preis CHF 1500.-
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