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Product Discovery


Build the right products through smart and efficient discovery

Product managers are often seen as the technical project managers  because we tend to spend most of our time in the implementation phase. Great product managers spend the majority of their time in the discovery phase to define the right thing to build while providing evidence for it. Contrary to common belief, discovery doesn’t need to require a lot of time! You can easily run one experiment or generate one relevant insight per week with easy and hands-on techniques. In this course, you’ll learn to set up the right team for discovery and what types of risk you should evaluate before writing a single line of code.


Avoid wasting resources by first discovering the right thing to build.


  • Tools and techniques to run quick and efficient discovery
  • How to run one experiment a week
  • How to drive cross-functional continuous discovery in your team
  • Why good discovery will create less work for everyone and helps you to create more value
  • examples and war stories from Zalando, N26 and many more renowned product companies


interest in modern product management 


Product managers, product leaders (like Head of Product, CPOs) and other product people interested in improving their discovery skills.




Course Language

This workshop will be held in English as soon as there is one participant who is not speaking German or prefers the workshop to be held in English.


Class Trainer


Kristina Walcker-Mayer

CPO at Bitwala (Berlin)


Kristina brings 8 years of digital experience to her role as Team Lead at N26 Group. Previously, she worked as Product Lead at Zalando. Before taking over the product leadership in the Loyalty team, she led the browse & shop & find team for Mobile Apps, delivered customer-centric solutions and drove the mobile mindset within Zalando’s various departments. Besides her passion for building products, Kristina hosts her own podcast “emploYAY” that challenges us to rethink employment & purpose at work and showcases role models with nonlinear careers & new work approaches. Before joining Zalando, Kristina worked as Mobile Consultant and Account Manager for Aperto Move and iconmobile, building up mobile strategies and creating innovative mobile solutions for major clients in the retail, television, NGO and automotive industries. Kristina holds a M.Sc. in Business Administration.


Weitere Informationen

Datum 29.01.21
Zeit 10:00 - 16:00
Kursort Product Academy
Ischlag 13
3303 Jegenstorf
+41 78 760 99 96
Lektionen 1x300 min
Teilnehmer min Tn.: 4 / max Tn.: 12
Kursanbieter Product Academy
Preis CHF 650.-
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