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Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence - FernUni/UniDistance


Master of Science (M Sc) in Artificial Intelligence, 90 ECTS

Inspired by the renowned Swiss apprenticeship system, this unique Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence is a game changer. It gives companies the opportunity to integrate AI in their strategy and to acquire the skills they need. At the same time, it provides students with theoretical knowledge, professional skills, a salary and maximum flexibility to fit in with their personal life. It also provides the economy with unique development skills in AI and a workforce ready to be on the professional market. It is a win-win program.


The overall goal of the Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence is to provide you with a full understanding of the concepts and technologies in this field.


On-the-job professional activity

P01 AI Company Strategy and Project Definition

P02 AI Project Development

Major modules

M01 Practical Course in Linear algebra and Probabilities

M02 Data Structure and Algorithms for AI

M03 Signal Processing

M04 Foundations in Statistics for AI

M05 Open Science and Ethics

M06 Fundamentals in Machine Learning 1

M07 Introduction to Image Processing and Computer Vision

M08 Fundamentals in Machine Learning 2

M09 Introduction to Speech Processing

M10 Deep Learning

Minor modules

A01 Biometrics

A02 Multimodal Computational Sensing of People

A03 Natural Language Processing

A04 Robotics


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science or equivalent degree
  • Be employed by a company willing to and with the potential to integrate artificial intelligence in its development strategy
  • Oral and written proficiency in English (the programme is taught in English)
  • Knowledge in programming languages (C++, Python, etc.) and mathematics


If there’s one thing the world needs, it’s more AI experts. In the near future, a lot of jobs will depend on the work and knowledge of people who are versed in the different fields that relate to artificial intelligence.


Full-time dual track education and training course combining lectures with working in a business enterprise

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Datum laufend
Kursort UniDistance
eLearning / Blended Learning
Preis CHF 2000.-
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